Modern Physics Equipment

Department Physics in Brief

The proposal for the establishment of Federal University, Gusau with a Department of Physics under the Faculty of Science was approved in February 2013. Thus the Department is one of the pioneer Departments in the Faculty of Sciences of the university.
The formal establishment of this Department, commences with one academic programme: B.Sc. Physics


The Department’s mission is to pursue and disseminate knowledge of Modern Physics for the benefit of humanity irrespective of race, creed, religion, nationality or ethnicity; through research, teaching and community service.


The vision of the Department is to be amongst the foremost Physics Departments in Africa and the world through knowledge creation, teaching, community service and collaboration. We want to be recognized both locally and internationally as a Department that produces quality graduates who can compete favorably in terms of employability, academic and research excellence and morality.

General Philosophy

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Nomenclature of Degree in View

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Admission Requirements


In addition to the requirements above, candidate shall have attained a minimum score of post U.T.M.E examination organised by the Federal University Gusau.

Duration Of Programmes


Course Classification




The minimum and maximum credit load permissible for full time students of the Federal University, Gusau per student academic session is shown in the table below:

Level Minimum Maximum
100 30 48
200 30 48
300 30 48
400 30 48
Total 120 192

NB:-The minimum number of units excludes carry over courses and the maximum number of units a student can register in a session is 48


Industrial attachment is very crucial for all students in Federal University Gusau, including those in the Biological sciences Department. The minimum duration of this training is 6 months (24 weeks, semester plus long vacation).
The Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) will make our undergraduate training effective, as students will be exposed to various equipment, manufacturing processes and quality control procedures during the attachment. The SIWES is to be conducted under strict supervision and on successful completion of the scheme, it is graded and no students shall graduate without passing it.