The Federal University Gusau (FUGUS) is a public, conventional, coeducational, research university located in Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria. The University is one of the twelve new federal Universities which were established in States where none existed, and shall offer programmes in Arts-based and Science-based disciplines. The establishment of the University commenced on 18th February 2013, while it started its first academic year in the 2014/2015 Session. The core academic structure of FUGUS is developed based upon the approved guidelines of the National Universities Commission (NUC) in the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) documents, as well as other norms from relevant stakeholders, e.g. professional societies.

FUGUS shall be developed in phases and the University has adopted a faculty-system for the development of its core academic structure. Each phase of academic development shall have duration of 5 years and shall be characterized by the establishment of new Faculty (ies), Department(s) and/or academic programme(s). The university starts its academic activities with a School of Pre-Science Studies and the following three Faculties: i) Faculty of Humanities and Education; ii) Faculty of Management and Social Sciences; and iii) Faculty of Science.

Presently, FUGUS has 17 Departments that houses 27 undergraduate academic programmes. It intends to expand and develop other Faculties, Departments and programs as well as its own M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in the coming years. FUGUS has developed extensive links with other Nigerian Universities both Public and Private, and is able to count on a substantial pool of lecturers and scientists teaching and conducting research in the best universities across the country.

The University will train graduates with sufficient and adequate academic and practical background for the creation, transfer and application of their acquired knowledge for the advancement of mankind in a friendly, interactive and multicultural environment. ALL the training programs in FUGUS are geared towards producing graduates who are able and capable of solving local Nigerian problems, in addition to global challenges that they might be confronted with. In pursuance of the above, specific features related to professional and ethical responsibilities, capped with an integrated Special skills acquisition have been incorporated into ALL the programmes in the University.

Before a student can qualify for the award of a Degree in the University, he/she must take and pass a minimum number of compulsory General and Entrepreneurial Studies courses. These are design to equip our graduates for world of work where they will be resourceful, creative, skillful, and leaders who accept and respect diversity of opinion and culture, and have proper understanding and consideration for healthy and aesthetic environment.

We are delighted that you have chosen this University for your Undergraduate study, with a reaffirmation of our commitment to high scholarly standard in accordance with international best practice. This Prospectus offers you detailed information about all the programmes available in the Departments and Faculties. We hope it will guide you through and give you better information about our University. We also thank the Director, (Academic Planning and Monitoring Unit) Prof. U.A. Danbatta and his team for their efforts in producing this Revised Edition of the Prospectus.

Founding Philosophy

The Federal University Gusau (FUGUS) has a philosophy to be a conventional University that represents a quest for knowledge for the development of Zamfara State and Nigeria. The University is set to be the voice that shall propagate a new drive for Nigeria to take the centre stage of development in the world. To achieve this feat, the University shall: develop well-structured academic curricula that cut across all disciplines and ensure strict adherence to their implementation; provide facilities and infrastructures that shall enable conducive and uninterrupted teaching and learning; encourage research as the propeller for discovery, economic and technological development; explore strategies for the promotion of research through adequate funding and collaboration with private and public organisations, institutions, agencies and other stakeholders; seek ways to market its research and its outcomes and products through effective publicity and thus place the University among top ranked Universities in the world; employ highly qualified and motivated staff to guarantee the quality of its programmes; and Train its students to be productive ambassadors of change and development in Zamfara State and Nigeria as a whole.