The Department of Chemistry

The proposal for the establishment of Federal University, Gusau with a Department of Chemistry under the Faculty of Science was approved in February 2013. Thus the Department is one of the pioneer Departments in the Faculty of Sciences of the university.
The formal establishment of the Department and commencement of three academic programmes: B.Sc. Microbiology; B.Sc. Plant Science and Biotechnology; and B.Sc. Zoology started in November, 2014 during the 2014/2015 Academic Session.

The Department’s mission is to pursue and disseminate knowledge of Chemistry and Biochemistry for the benefit of humanity irrespective of race, creed, religion, nationality or ethnicity; through research, teaching and community service.
The vision of the Department is to be amongst the foremost Chemistry Departments in Africa and the world through knowledge creation, teaching, community service and collaboration. We want to be recognized both locally and internationally as a Department that produces quality graduates who can compete favorably in terms of employability, academic and research excellence and morality.
The department runs two programmes:
  • B.Sc Biochemistry
  • B.Sc Chemistry
The Department shall for now provide three undergraduate academic programs. The nomenclature of the degrees in view shall be Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Chemistry and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Biochemistry.
ProgrammeAdmission RequirementsRemarks
UTMEDirect Entry
B.Sc ChemistryFive credits at G.C.E., SSCE, NECO “O” Level (or its equivalent) in Chemistry, English, Physics and/or Mathematics.Two 'A' credit passes in Chemistry and any one of Physics, Maths or Biology in that order. Credit passes in NCE and ND. These candidates must have three (3) Credits at “O” level in relevant subjects other than the ones for which the NCE or Diploma was awarded.UTME subjects are: English, Chemistry, Maths and any of Geography, Biology or Physics. BiochemistryFive credits at SSCE (or its equivalent) in English, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.At least two 'A' level passes in Biology, Botany, and Chemistry or Physics. Credit passes in NCE and ND.UTME subjects are: English, Chemistry, Biology and any other Science subject.
In addition to the requirements above, candidate shall have attained a minimum score of post U.T.M.E examination organised by the Federal University Gusau.
The minimum duration of both B.Sc. Chemistry and B.Sc. Biochemistry programs is four (4) years for candidates who enter with Senior Secondary School Certificate or GCE ‘0’ Level qualifications or equivalent or through matriculation programme of the university. Direct Entry (DE) candidates will spend a minimum of three years provided that they satisfy all the other University requirements.
Each academic session shall comprise of two semesters and each semester shall last for a period of eighteen (18) weeks comprising of: one (1) week for registration; fifteen (15) weeks for lectures/tutorials/laboratory and studio works; and two (2) weeks for examination. Mid-semester break shall normally be for two (2) weeks.
Students shall be required to complete their studies in not more than one and a half times the normal duration of the programme to qualify for an Honour's degree, except in cases of ill-health or as determined by Senate. This means about 6 years for our 4-year degrees or 5 years for the DE students.
  1. Core Courses (CC)
    • Core/Compulsory Courses are courses students must take and pass before graduation. However, a student may be allowed to proceed to the next level of study if he/she failed some Core-Courses, but have earned enough credit units to qualify for the next level. The failed Core -Course will always reflect in the remark column of his/her results as outstanding.
  2. Elective Courses (EL)
    • Elective courses are courses students take base on their areas of specialization and interest. In addition, to the Core- Courses, students are allowed to take these courses to enable them to register for the minimum allowable per semester. However, there are restrictive and un-restrictive electives, depending on areas of specialization and Faculty. Students may consult their academic advisers for guidance in selecting Elective Courses.
  3. Pre-Requisite Courses
    • Pre-requisite courses are those that students must take and pass before registering higher level course(s). However, a student in a graduating class may register for a higher and lower course concurrently, provided that he/she had attempted the lower course once and that the total number of credit units registered in a semester, does not exceed 24.
  4. General Studies Courses (GST)
    • All undergraduate students are required to pass all the General Studies Courses for a total of 8 Credits Units. This must be passed before a degree can be awarded.
It is the primary responsibility of every student to ensure that he/she is properly registered for a course and for the semester programme. No student would receive credit for a course in which he/she is not properly registered. This is applicable even if the student attended classes and wrote all the examinations prescribed in that course. Students shall normally complete registration for courses for the semester not later than two weeks after the start of semester.
A student cannot withdraw from a course after a one-third of its lectures have been delivered, without permission from the Head of Department. A student who withdraws after this time or who fails to sit for the final examination without reasons acceptable to the Faculty Board, shall be deemed to have failed that course.
Also if a student is properly registered in a course and later dropped the course without notification and proper amendment to his/her registration records, the student would be deemed to have been absent in that examination and would be regarded as having failed in that course; and this will affect the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA).
Students are required to register with Departmental Registration Officer, all elective courses taken outside the Department. The Department would not accept credits earned in electives that were not originally registered in the Departmental registration records. All Registration forms must be signed personally by each student and his/her academic adviser before presenting to Registration Officer. No student can register or sign for another who is not physically present.
The minimum and maximum credit load permissible for full time students of the Federal University, Gusau per student academic session is shown in the table below:
NB:-The minimum number of units excludes carry over courses and the maximum number of units a student can register in a session is 48
Industrial attachment is very crucial for all students in Federal University Gusau, including those in the Biological sciences Department. The minimum duration of this training is 6 months (24 weeks, semester plus long vacation).
The Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) will make our undergraduate training effective, as students will be exposed to various equipment, manufacturing processes and quality control procedures during the attachment. The SIWES is to be conducted under strict supervision and on successful completion of the scheme, it is graded and no students shall graduate without passing it.

List of Teaching Staff in Chemistry Department

Dr. N.A. SaniB.Sc. M.Sc.(UDUS) M.Sc. (Exeter) Ph.D (UDUS), CASAP (France).Senior Lecturer/HODOrganic Chemistry/Mineral processingTenure
Prof L.G. HassanB.Sc. (Unisok), M.Sc. (Unisok), Ph.D (UDUS).ProfessorOrganic ChemistrySabbatical
Prof. A. I. TsafeB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (UniIbadan), Ph.D (UDUS).ProfessorAnalytical/InorganicVisiting
Prof A. DanladiB.Sc. (ABU), M.Sc. Ph.D (ABU).ProfessorPolymer and textileSabbatical
Prof. M.S. SallauB.Sc.M.Sc. (ABU), Ph.D (ABU).ProfessorPharm. ChemVisiting
Dr. K.J. UmarB.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D (UDUS).ReaderOrganic ChemistryVisiting
Dr. M. A. FuntuaB.Sc.M.Sc. (ABU), Ph.D (ABU).Senior LecturerAnalytical/InorganicVisiting
Dr. Yahaya AlhassanB.Sc. M.Sc. (UDUS), Ph.D (DTU).Senior LecturerEnvironmentalTenure
Dr. Ahmad GaladimaB.Sc. (BUK), M.Sc. (Aberdeen), Ph.D (Aberdeen).Senior LecturerPhysical ChemistryTenure
A.M. LawalB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (Wolverhamtom).Lecturer IIEnvironmentalTenure
Nasiru SharifB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (BUK).Lecturer IIOrganometallicsTenure
Alaekwe Ikenna ObeoraB.Sc. M.Sc. (Unizik).Lecturer IIAnalytical ChemistryTenure
Mubarak DanbattaB.Sc. (ABU), M.Sc. (ABU).Lecturer IIOrganic ChemistryTenure
MRS Z.M. IdrisB.Sc. M.Sc. (UDUS).Lecturer IIPhysical ChemistryTenure
Ahmad BelloB.Sc. M.Sc. (UDUS).Assistant LecturerInorganicTenure

List of Teaching Staff in BioChemistry Department

Dr. N.A. SaniB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (Exeter) Ph.D (UDUS), CASAP France.Senior Lecturer/HODOrganic Chemistry/Mineral ProcessingTenure
Prof L.S. BilbisB.Sc. (UDUS), Ph.D (Essex).ProfessorEnzymologyVisiting
Prof. M.G. AbubakarB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (Surrey), Ph.D (Surrey).ProfessorToxicologySabbatical
Prof. R.A. UmarB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (Ibadan), Ph.D (UDUS).ProfessorFood BiochemistryVisiting
Prof. M.J. LadanB.Sc. (Unisok), M.Sc. (Uniport), Ph.D (UDUS).ProfessorCarbohydrate ChemistrySabbatical
Dr. N.A. GarbaB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (Essex), Ph.D (Coventry).Senior LecturerPlant BiochemistryTenure
Dr. M.A. MusaB.Sc.(UDUS),M.Sc. Greenwhich), Ph.D (Greenwhich).Senior LecturerClinical BiochemistrySabbatical
Shehu AbdullahiB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (Hamdard), PGDE (N.T.I)Lecturer IIFood BiochemistryTenure
Kabiru UsmanB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (OAU)Lecturer II Natural ProductsTenure
Ahmad H. BalarabeB.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (Greenwhich).Lecturer IIMolecular Biology/BiotechnologyTenure

List of Technologists in Chemistry Department

Adamu AbubakarND SLT (Poly B kebbi), HND SLT (Poly Kaura) FSILT (NISLT Ibadan)Chief TechnologistCoordinating General Conduct of Laboratory
Hussaini Bello MorikiND SLT (Poly B kebbi), HND SLT (Poly Kaura)AISLT (NISLT Ibadan)Technologist IIManaging laboratory equipment/ General Conduct of Practical
Jamilu AhmadND SLT (Poly Kaura), HND SLT (Poly Kaura)Technologist IIManaging laboratory equipment/ General Conduct of Practical
Abdulsalam SulaimanND SLT (Poly Kaura).Lab SupervisorManaging laboratory equipment/ General Conduct of Practical
Isah IdrisaB.Sc. Chemistry (Unimaid), PGDE (NTI Kaduna)Technologist IIOn- training
Sulaiman Salihu MuazuSSCE (CIS Gusau)CleanerCleaning laboratory glass wares, Benches and surrounding.

List of Non-Teaching Technnical Staff

Abubakar A. Sani ND SLT(Kadpoly), HND SLT (Kadpoly), FISLT (NISLT Ibadan).Chief TechnologistChief Technologist
Umar AdamuOND SLT (AGP Mafara) HND Biochemistry (Poly Kura),Technologist IIManaging laboratory equipment/ General Conduct of Practical
Ibrahim Umar TND SLT (Poly kaura), HND SLT (Poly Kaura) AISLT (NISLT Ibadan)Technologist IIManaging laboratory equipment/ General Conduct of Practical
Nafiu IbrahimND SLT (Poly Kaura)Lab SupervisorAssisting in Managing laboratory equipment/ General Conduct of Practical
Eboigbe Ivie OjoB.Sc. Biochemistry (AAU Ekpoma)Technologist IIOn- training
Bashar IbrahimSSCELab Attendant CleanerCleaning laboratory glass wares, Benches and surrounding.

List of Admin Staff in Chemistry Department

Murtala Garba TsafeNCE (FCEZ), B.Ed. (ABUZ), Bed. Social StudiesAdmin Assistant/Dept SecretaryPerforms Secretarial duties and Supervised other Admin Staff.
Yushau SaiduNCE (SSCOE, SOK), English/Economics(2012) Executive OfficerPerforms Departmental Clerical duties. Carry out other duties assigned to him by the Administrative Officer
Maryam IbrahimND ( Fed. Pol. Kaduna), Diploma In Business Studies Assistant Executive OfficerPerforms Departmental Clerical duties. Carry out other duties assigned to him by the Administrative Officer
Murtala AliyuSSCE ( GASS Zurmi)CleanerEnsures the cleanliness of the HOD and Staff Offices at all times. Carry out other duties assigned to him by the Administrative Officer

List of Admin Staff in Biochemistry Department

Aminu Ibrahim B.A. (UDUS), PGDPA (UDUS).Admin Assistant PGDPAPerforms Secretarial duties and Supervised other Admin Staff.
Jamilu AbubakarND(AGP Talata Mafara)Confidential SecretaryRecord Keeping
Murtala AliyuSSCE (GASS Zurmi)CleanerEnsures the cleanliness of the HOD and Staff Offices at all times. Carry out other duties assigned to him by the Administrative Officer